Jair Aksel

FOREVER Photoshoot by Yavez Anthonio with Shahine El-Hamus

Forever - it’s a slogan we have always used to give us positive energy throughout our lives. A famous quote we’ve always loved is “learn as if you were to live FOREVER”. 

So in our upcoming and recent works of creativity we will always use one of our favorite slogans FOREVER. 

This time we had the absolute pleasure to work together with the one and only Yavez Anthonio whose name speaks for itself. This following photoshoot is a fragment of his creative direction. Many more projects are coming in the near future so keep an eye out for this one.

James the Panther would like you our citizens and future citizens of Never Ever Land to shine and to FOREVER SHINE. 

Just like Shahine El-Hamus who keeps on shining on the big movie screen in theaters and recently also on stage through music under his stagename "Shine". (EP is now available on all digital platforms)

Photography & creative direction by -

Yavez Anthonio

Model - 

Shahine EL-Hamus 

Enjoy the pictures!